Chef Shai Yerlick has more than twenty-five years experience in the food industry. After running a cafe & catering company in the San Francisco Bay area for years, the Yerlicks decided to move their first-rate food service operation to Hawaii. After completing the remodel of the Lilikoi Inn, that includes four guest rooms, a gourmet kitchen for guests to use and commercial kitchen for the production of delicious breakfasts, Chef Shai got back to doing what he does best: creating flavorful and satisfying meals. Below are some samples of some of Shai's recent creations. Hungry yet?

Breakfast on the Lanai
Picture yourself rolling out of bed and shuffling out onto our lanai (Hawaiian covered porch) for an exquisite breakfast with unparalleled views of Hawaii's Kona Coast. That's just an average morning here! All of our breakfasts come with fresh fruit, bread, juice, tea, 100% organic Kona Coffee (which we grow and roast ourselves), and a freshly prepared main dish.

French Toast
Hawaiian Sweet Bread and lilikoi syrup give this classic breakfast a local twist. Served alongside our delicious scrambled eggs, just in case your still hungry!

Italian Sausage Omlette
Served with Crispy Home Fries and our usual array of fresh fruit, juices and Kona Coffee, this Italian Sausage Omlette will leave you satisfied and ready for a day of new adventures.

A Healthy and Delicious Breakfast
This baked fritatta (made with locally grown green papaya, pipiloi squash, red bell peppers and our own eggs) is served with a cucumber/tomato salad and a hefty slice of seasoned avocado.

Banana Pancakes
Enjoy this typical Hawaiian breakfast of homemade pancakes filled with island bananas. On the side is fresh fruit from the garden, and lilikoi syrup, which we make ourselves! (Lilikoi is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit)

Herb Omlette with Sausage and Pan Fried Potatoes
Made with fresh eggs from our chickens and topped with herbs from our garden, this dish is sure you leave to satisfied and ready for the day. Served with various sausages and red new potatoes to seal the deal.

Fritatta - Italian Garden Omlette
Sauteed fresh onions, bell peppers, zuchini, spinach and potatoes come together with fresh eggs, garden herbs and tomatoes to make this Italian speciality. Sure to make every taste bud jump for joy!